Your Apple ID and Phone Number are Now Being Used, What Does This Mean?

Your Apple ID and Phone Number are Now Being Used

Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici
Your Apple ID and Phone Number are Now Being Used, What Does This Mean?
As an Apple user received a popup ' your apple ID & number are now being used', then fix it here.

If you are an Apple device user you may receive a popup containing the message regarding your phone number or Apple ID that you are using on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.The message may be about the use of your Apple ID/Phone number for different services such as Facetime, message or any other new device. The message may vary also as it might say that only Apple ID is being used, both your phone number & Apple are being used, both apple ID & phone number are being used for iMessage only, or both are being used for iMessage as well as Facetime. The message may also vary to say on what sort of device your Apple ID is in use like on Mac, iPhone, iPad or on any sort of Apple Watch. It is no matter of worry if you yourself signed into any service or your device name and you may simply ignore this notification message. 

Apple Id & Phone Number Are In Use

Here you will get all the possible reasons for this message & its different variants. Moreover, you will be completely guided that what to do in either situation. There to major reasons that cause you to receive this sort of popup message. Let's dig deeper and go into the details about the issue and its fixes also. 


Did you Sign in to iMessage or FaceTime?

The first condition and probably the matter of no concern to see this popup is receiving a message containing any device name such as ' ---- iPhone', '---- iPad' etc. If you are the owner of the device mentioned in the popup message then you can ignore it by clicking on the given 'OK' button. This message may be received due to the following reasons. 

  • You may have more than one Apple device and when you logged in to the new device with the same Apple ID which is logged in on your older device you may get this message. 
  • If you are using an Apple Watch paired with your Apple mobile, when you unpair this watch and pair it with your mobile again, you might receive this notification message. 
  • If you are using multiple Apple devices and you reset all settings of any device or erase all the content then you have to register again into services like messages, FaceTime etc again on that device. When you sign in to these services again you may get this popup message on your other in-use devices using the same Apple ID.
  • Sometimes users are recommended to turn on/turn off services like iMessage, FaceTime and others to fix certain issues. When you turn off/ turn on these services then you may also receive this popup notification message. 
  • The user may receive this message if a device has no internet connection access for a long period of time. 


In all the above-mentioned conditions you just simply have to press the 'OK' button in reply to this message as it is not a matter of concern at all. If none of the above-mentioned conditions applies to your case then you must go through the below-given discussions very carefully. 


Signing in on an Unauthorized Device

It is unusual but still may happen that someone managed to sign in to a device via your Apple ID which simply means that your password for Apple ID has been compromised. You are allowed to see where and on which device your Apple ID is being used you can manage the list of devices by removing those unauthorized logins of your Apple ID by following these steps. 

  • If you are an iPhone or iPad user, just open the device's main setting, and go to ''. Roll your fingers to scroll it down. 
  • The Mac users have to open Apple Menu » System preferences followed by Apple ID. 
  • If you are on a browser & wanna fix it online then visit & sign in at with your Apple ID to manage the logged-in device list. 


For each step on each type of device, you will see a list of devices with their serial number & models. Recognize and keep devices that you own and remove the other unauthorized that you don't own. 


Still, if you are feeling insecure because your password is leaked to some unauthorized person who may log in to your Apple ID again then you can proceed to further security steps and you may :

  1.  change your Apple ID email
  2.  change your Apple ID password
  3. Go for two-factor authentication for your Apple ID

How someone can sign in to an unauthorized device using my Apple ID?

It is because your password & user ID is compromised and that unauthorized person knows all your Apple ID's sign-in credentials.

On how many devices can I use my single Apple ID?

You can run as many as 10 Apple devices at a time with a single Apple account but one thing to notice is that you cant keep more than 5 computers in this 10 device list.

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