How to Make Live and Video Wallpapers on Android

Make Live and Video Wallpapers on Android

Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici
How to Make Live and Video Wallpapers on Android
Wanna try live wallpaper, live video wallpaper, or 3D & 4D wallpapers for your android, then try it here.

Live wallpapers are used to be a fashion statement & distinguishing feature for android devices. In, the past people use to set photos of different sceneries, natural beauty or their own images as wallpapers. But with the technology revolution, android users are now able to set live wallpaper from a huge amount of available wallpapers as well as different videos as wallpaper. Here, one can find the method as well as wallpapers to set different live & video wallpaper on his android device. 


How to Set Live Wallpaper on Android

 If you wanna set a wallpaper for your android, you must download one for your device. Some of the android devices do come with plenty of already loaded live wallpapers. To set your android live wallpaper follow these steps.


There are two methods of setting a live wallpaper on your android device.

The first one is through the main setting menu. TO initiate this method,

go to your main setting menu » Display tab » Advanced » wallpapers » Live wallpaper.

 Here you will find all you downloaded as well as pre-loaded live wallpapers. Scroll through all the given live wallpapers and tap on your favourite one. As you tap any of the wallpapers, you’ll see an option of ‘ Set Wallpaper ‘. Just tap on it to set it as your android live wallpaper.  


The second method is simpler & quicker than the first one. Just long-press your home screen on a vacant space, where there is no icon of any app. It will show you an option of wallpaper, tap on it to get all your pre-installed as well as downloaded live wallpapers. Select any of these to set as your device's live wallpaper.

Homescreen Wallpaper

If you wanna try some new live wallpapers then download different live wallpaper apps like Cartogram ( it makes an adorable & elegant theme & wallpaper of a local map of your area using your device location ), and if you are willing to make your own live papers then you can design your desired wallpaper with different wallpaper creating apps like and few others. In addition to that, there is plenty of other live wallpaper apps that you can grab from the Google Play Store for your android e.g. Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper ( offering a variety of eye-catching time-telling clock wallpapers ), Live Wallpapers ( a plethora of amazing android wallpapers ), Live Wallpapers 4K ( Plenty of high quality 4K wallpapers ) and many other apps.



You can pick any of your pre-loaded wallpapers, downloaded wallpapers and from these apps as well. Some of these apps are more convenient to set the wallpaper as you can directly set wallpaper from the app. The best part of these apps is that they also guide the users with screen instructions to set wallpaper. If an app doesn’t feature of direct wallpaper setting function you can manually set wallpaper with any of the above-mentioned methods.


Hypno Clock Wallpaper

How to Change a Video into Live Wallpaper

Though there is a huge amount of live wallpapers to download and plenty of apps to provide a variety of different live wallpapers for android what do you think about having your own video as your android’s live wallpaper? It is an awesome and new experience to have video as live wallpaper. Some of the android devices of different brands have this built-in feature that allows you to use video of your own as live wallpaper. Let’s discuss how to use video as a live wallpaper on different brands of devices.


How to Set Video as Live Wallpaper on Samsung Mobiles

Samsung Android mobiles allow users to set their videos as lock screen wallpaper as well as background wallpaper. If you are a Samsung mobile user and willing to turn your own video into a live wallpaper then simply go to your device’s gallery and tap the desired video, then click on the three-dot icon which may be located in different places on different devices. Clicking three dots will show you a small pop-up containing certain options, find & click on the ‘ Set as Wallpaper ‘ option and then click on the “ Lock-screen “ option or “Background”. If you are trying to use a lengthy video, the device may ask you to decrease the length of the video by trimming it before setting it as live wallpaper.


How to Set Video as Live Wallpaper on Xiaomi Mobiles

Similar to Samsung devices, Xiaomi also allows its mobile users to use their videos as live wallpaper whether to set as lock screen or background wallpaper. The method of setting a live video wallpaper in Xiaomi mobiles is very simple. Just go to

“ Your device’s theme app » click on my page » then wallpaper » My live Wallpapers “. Here you will find a ‘+ icon ‘ just click on it, it will lead you to your device gallery or storage, locate and select the desired video and set it as your live wallpaper.



Best Apps for Live Video Wallpapers

If your android device isn’t offering you the feature to use your video as live wallpaper, then go for different third-party apps that help you in using your personal or other favourite videos as well as videos provided by these apps as your live wallpaper for android device. Some of the top apps for providing live video wallpaper services are discussed under.

 1. VideoWall

It is a third-party app that allows you to turn your videos into live video wallpapers conveniently. You can grab this  VideoWall app by clicking on it or from any app store. Once you have set up this app, open it to select your desired video. Customize the video with different available customizing options like you can keep or discard the audio of your video wallpaper, you can scale your video accordingly, and can adjust the length of the video by trimming it as the lengthy videos are not allowed to use as a live wallpaper by different android devices.


We highly recommend portrait videos which are prior to horizontal videos when it comes to living video wallpaper as the horizontal videos are not suitable to fit in live wallpapers which are vertical in dimensions according to most android device designs. Once you are satisfied with your video customization, just click on the “Set Wallpaper” button to use it as your video live wallpaper. You can use this customized video as wallpaper for your device’s lock-screen, home-screen, or even both at once.


2. Video Live Wallpaper

Another amazing app for live video wallpapers is Video Live Wallpaper. You can grab it from the play store. Once you have installed this app on your android device, just open it to kick start the live video wallpaper adventure. Once you opened it, go to tap the gallery option given in the app which will show your all gallery videos. Select any of the desired videos that you wanna use, preview them and set them as live video wallpaper by clicking the button “Set Live Wallpaper”. Similar to the VideoWall app, this app also allows its users to make changes to the video.


You can easily mute the audio of your video, can loop the video, can trim it to adjust video length and many other customizations. We will highly recommend you to keep your video loop option enabled as the video wallpapers made by this app stop video when it is played once and does not repeat it over & over again. The video loop option will keep repeating the video of your live wallpaper. Moreover, the app also allows users to use different aspect ratios, you just need to select an aspect ratio and the app will crop & adjust your video to fit in this aspect ratio automatically.



Some other notable video wallpaper apps include  Video (.MP4; .MOV) to Wallpaper,  Any video live wallpaper.


How to Use a Landscape Video as Live Wallpaper on Android Mobile

The apps have given above as well as other live video wallpaper apps only allow the user to turn a portrait video into wallpaper and do not fit well for making live video wallpaper from a landscape video as the landscape video is stretched by the app to fit in on your screen and most of the video display is hidden. The only way to set your landscape video as wallpaper is to convert it from landscape orientation to portrait orientation. Again here some devices have the built-in feature to change video orientation and in others, you have to use different third-party apps for changing video orientation.  InShot app is one of the most recommended titles in this regard which changes video orientation without disturbing the video quality.


To change video orientation, download & install the InShot app and open it. Upload your desired landscape video to this app, the below icon bar has a Canvas option at the bottom left of the interface. Click on it, it will bring different aspect ratios to choose from and go for a vertical portrait aspect ratio which is usually in 9:16 vertical dimensions.


Now click on the tick option to proceed, this app will flip the video in the selected orientation keeping a background colour for empty spaces on the sides or top & bottom. You can select your own desired colour for the background or can keep it blur.


Once you have done all the desired changes, click the “Save” button to download this video in portrait orientation. Now use this downloaded video for your live video wallpaper via your video wallpaper setting app.



How to Set 4D Live Wallpapers on Android

4D live wallpapers are the latest innovation in android wallpaper adventure. These wallpapers are designed to respond user’s movement on the device’s screen. These modern wallpapers provide 3 dimensional deep effects using your phone’s accelerometer sensors & gyroscope.



4D Live Wallpaper app is the app that I’ll recommend as it is widely used & hugely praised by users. This comes with tons of 3D & 4D amazing animations for the live wallpaper of your android. One can find a plethora of wallpapers in plenty of categories. The available categories to choose wallpapers include space, superheroes, black moon, geometric shapes, and many others.

Why my video wallpaper is stopped after playing once?

Live video wallpapers made by different third-party apps usually stop after playing once, to keep them repeating you must keep the loop option enabled.

I'm unable to convert video into live wallpaper?

it may be because of the video length or format of the video. If you are trying a lengthy video then trim it to decrease its size and try again. If still the problem exists then check your video format that it is supported by the app you are using for live video wallpaper or not. If this video format is not supported by your app then change your video format and try again.

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