Smart Watches For Android

smartwatch for android

Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici
Smart Watches For Android

smart watch for android phones


  • more than 4 day battery life & fast charging
  • 24/7 heart rate check
  • encloses both voice & touch control systems
  • water resistive up to 50 meter in depth
  • Health & fitness guide
  • thousands of video & audio for workout


  • Premium membership features may be unavailable in some countries
  • premium features are only available in English Language

Health & fitness

Health & fitness feature helps you to maintain your health by keeping you aware of your heart rate, estimates your sleep score & suggest tips to improve your health, customize different workout plans for you, workout video/audio tutorial, estimates number of steps walked, distance covered, & calories burnt.

Smart Control System

Rather to get bored with touching small icons & control buttons, this watch allows you to control different features & functions with smart voice controls.

Our Rating

9 / 10


If you are an Android user and looking for a smartwatch, actually the smartest one for your android then check this product review of one of the finest watches for android phones. A smartwatch with a dual control system which includes traditional touch control as well as smart voice control. It’s not just a smartwatch but also a perfect fit to monitor & manage your health. A 24/7 check of your heart rate with accuracy, bedtime reminders with a daily sleep score to measure how good you sleep at night because night sleep has a great impact on your overall well-being,  built-in Amazon Alexa to kick start an exercise, a stopwatch timer, measurement of distance that you covered during a morning walk, and much more. Moreover, set alarms, enjoy your favourite music as well as podcasts, and a versatile, modern, & stylish display of time that stay always on.

Fitbit Review

Smart Features & More Details of This Watch

This wristwatch comes with a plethora of mind-blowing features. Some of its important and exciting features are mentioned below.

Stay Fit With Fitbit

Smart Controls

In a touch control system, you have to control different apps & features with relatively smaller icons and control buttons which sometimes become very irritating, but this smartwatch comes with a smarter control system as you cannot just perform different functions & control different features with touch but also with a smart voice control system. So just tell this watch what you want & get text replies from this watch.

Your World on Your Wrist

This watch encloses your entire daily life, personal, official and all other things related to your world. So maintain your health, enjoy music, set reminders, get all the weather updates, stay connected to your world, & get notified of everything happening in your world. This watch gives you a phone-free experience as it allows you to control all those things that you usually do with your android mobile.

Control Your World From Your Wrist

Maintain Your Health & Achieve Your Fitness Goals

With this watch, you can monitor & maintain your health. This smartwatch keeps you aware of your heart rate all the time with its accurate measurement of heart rate. Watch also measures your sleep score to maintain your sleep which is an ultimate way of maintaining your health. There is also a built-in GPS service that helps to track your locations, and miles covered during runs, hiking or biking.

Fitness & Health Goals

This watch allows you to define your fitness goals and tracks your activity during the whole day to give you accurate measurements of your active time, steps distance covered, & calories burnt. Moreover, there is a built-in fitness guide that customizes and provides different fitness exercises and instructions for these fitness steps. There are also plenty of audio and video workouts to try and tips to perform these workouts.

Sleep Well & Enjoy a Better Life

A good sleep daily is compulsory for a healthier body and of fresher mind. This watch helps you to sleep well with sleep score. You can measure your sleep score in different sleeping modes to know how well you sleep at night. Moreover, it also gives you important suggestions & tips to improve your sleep score.

Your Fitbit Sleep Score

Design & Stuff

This watch ensures durability with style, as the watch comes with a stylish & modern design made up of very durable plastic straps & shiny and water-resistive glass. The watch can resist water up to 50 meters in depth. This means you can even keep it on your watch during your deep dives in the water & during swimming. Moreover, each watch comes with additional straps to try different colours matching your dress.

Battery & Charging

The best thing that I personally liked about this watch is its battery timing. Compared to the one-day battery timing of different Apple Smart Watches, this watch comes with a battery that lasts for more than 4 days once charged fully. Moreover, the watch comes with a fast-charging feature that is well capable of charging a whole day's battery usage in just mere 12 minutes. For charging this watch, a USB cable is also included in the box.

Weather Updates

With a built-in weather update system stay updated on what how going to be the weather today.

Fitbit Weather Updates

Standby Display

To keep you informed about the time, different notifications & updates, this watch has a standby stylish & versatile display which always on. The size of the display screen is 1.34 inches.

A free 7 Day Trial of Premium Membership

Though the watch has built-in apps & features still there are some premium features which cost you subscription charges e.g. downloading music, enjoying podcasts, Spotify and many other premium features. There is also a free 7-day trial to enjoy premium features for 7 days without any subscription charge but if you don’t wanna continue with premium membership then make sure that you cancel it before the 7-day trial ends otherwise the subscription payment may be charged from your account.

Light in Weight

In contrast to other smartwatches that contain big dials and are heavy in weight, this watch is very light in weight



Is it compatible with android only?

this watch is well compatible with different Android mobiles as well as iPhone 6 and 6+.

Is there any actual battery and can it be replaced?

There is no replaceable battery included in the watch it runs on a charging docket.

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