SanDisk extreme pro micro SD card

SanDisk micro SD card

Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici
SanDisk extreme pro micro SD card

SanDisk extreme pro micro SD card


  • Up to 90 Mbps write speed & up to 160Mbps read speed
  • Resistive to high & low temperature ( 85 to -25 centigrade)
  • Water proof, shock proof, & X-Ray proof
  • up to 60 fps 4K & 120 fps at 2.7K
  • A2-rated & boosts apps' performance.
  • UHD 4K fast shooting


  • Not supported for all sort of android devices & smart cameras
  • requires highly compatible high end devcies to run.

Physical Features

This Micro SD card is built with a stuff that makes it capable to resist very harsh conditions and allows it resist highs & lows of temperature, drop shocks, simple & salty water, and even X-rays.

Easy to Manage Files

SanDisk Memory Zone app (Available on Play Store and other app stores) allows you to manage all files contained by this SD card disk.

Speedy Experience

Up to 160 Mbps read speed for fast data transfer, 90 Mbps write speed for ultra HD 4K fast shooting and A2 rated for enhanced app performance.

Our Rating

10 / 10


If you are facing a device storage problem on your mobile and are looking to expand your mobile storage via a high-speed memory card then this SanDisk extreme pro SD card is the best take for you as it is at extremes when it comes to speed.

Very speedy file transfers, enhanced speed of apps' performance, Ultra HD 4K video recording, very high-resolution pictures, up to 160 Mbps read and 90 Mbps write speed make this card a perfect fit for your mobile, camera, drones, etc. 

Advancements in mobile & media technology brought us into a high-quality, advanced & speedy era of social media. There is a wide array of different quality ranges of videos as well as photo resolution.

High-quality videos & images are pleasing to the eyes but these do consume a lot of storage space due to which you often face storage problems. Low device storage of a device not just restricts you to store more files, images, and videos but also dents your device speed & performance. But this card is the solution to all these problems as its 256 GB memory capacity allows you to store a huge amount of files to free up your device's internal storage.

Moreover, its speedy data transfer, rapid read & write speed, and ability to handle ultra HD video recording in 4K make it an all-in-one solution for the storage and lagging problems of your device. It also enhances the app's performance as it is A2-rated.



This Extreme Pro Micro SD card is extremely amazing. Some of its amazing features are reviewed below. 

High-Speed Data Transfer

In contrast to old type slow speed SD cards which hardly reach a speed of 10 Mbps, this SD card has many folds greater speed. It comes with a read speed of up to 160Mbps which saves a lot of time while transferring data. This speed may vary in different devices, hence make sure that the device for which you are using this SD card is quite compatible to gain such a high speed.

Fast Data Transfer

Faster Shooting & Capturing

In most drone cameras, mobiles, or other cameras, the quality of fast shooting does not reach your expectation despite having a high-quality camera. The reason behind this problem is the writing speed of the disk. As the HD videos weigh higher in size so shooting fast videos in 4K HD quality requires a high write speed of the disk.

This card is perfect for faster & high-quality shooting as it can easily handle up to 90 Mbps writing speed. To enjoy such a high writing speed & faster shooting, your device must be compatible with this super speed. 

Fast Shooting

Enhanced Quality & Performance 

This Card not just ensures a high read & write speed but also guarantees quality & performance as it comes with 4K UHD with class 3 UHS speed and a V30 video speed. 

Moreover, it is A2 rated and boosts in app performance of the device. 

Rated A2

Ability to Resist Harsh Conditions

This card has been tested in different conditions and is well capable to withstand all sorts of harsh conditions. It is temperature-proof and can resist a high temperature of 85 Cas well as a cold temperature of -25 C0.

It is water resistant and can keep files safe if dropped in water even in salty water as well. It is shockproof and can keep files on a safer hand even if it is dropped many times. It can also resist dangerous X-rays & some other dangerous sun rays. 

Resistive To Harsh Conditions

Easy to Manage Files

This SD card has an easy peasy way to manage files contained in it. You can grab SanDisk Memory Zone App from PlayStore to manage all your files with ease. 

Is this product magnet Proof?

yes, it is can resist the magnetic effect of a magnet.

Can this SD card handle 60 fps 4K?

Yes, it is quite capable of handling 60 fps 4K but for this, your device should also be compatible with such speed.

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