How to Login to Your Hotmail Account?

Retrieve login Hotmail or shift to outlook

Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler
How to Login to Your Hotmail Account?
As the Hotmail is acquired by Microsoft officially and its domain name has been rejigged many times but still the users can use their Hotmail account as a mailing address as well as a Microsoft suit product to enjoy different Microsoft services and apps including Microsoft 365, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Outlook email client, OneDrive, Insider programs of Windows and Sharepoint. 

Hotmail is a communication platform that connects people via its email services. Jack Smith & Sabeer Bhatia are its founder. They launched the platform in 1996 and a year after its lunch it was overtaken by Microsoft company in $400M. Microsoft renamed it MSN Hotmail in 1997 which was later changed to Windows Live Hotmail. It was rebranded again as which is still its current name.

All these changes caused confusion for users in retrieving their old Hotmail account, creating a new one, deleting their unwanted Hotmail account or shifting an account address to Outlook. We are bringing some tutorial solutions to all these problems regarding Hotmail.


How to Find My Hotmail Login?

As the Hotmail is acquired by Microsoft officially and its domain name has been rejigged many times but still the users can use their Hotmail account as a mailing address as well as a Microsoft suit product to enjoy different Microsoft services and apps including Microsoft 365, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Outlook email client, OneDrive, Insider programs of Windows and Sharepoint. 


Still, there are a few blogs & Video related Microsoft services for which you must have to switch your account from Hotmail ID to Outlook. But it's not a matter to worry about as this tutorial page also guides you to make a shift from Hotmail to Outlook Domain easily. Whether you are willing to access these Hotmail services from a browser or from Microsoft app for Android/iOS devices you will get all the guidelines & tutorials here, so just be with us. 


How to Access My Hotmail Account in Outlook?

Simply type " " in the address bar of any browser that you are using, searching will take you to automatically. There, you can log in to the Outlook domain via your Hotmail ID & Password. But the Hotmail users can't enjoy exclusive services like webmail and other such exclusive suits of Microsoft.


Similar to these exclusive services, certain services which are country-specific and are bounded to webmail services e.g.,, and subdomains of these sites are also inaccessible with a Hotmail account. These are only Accessible via Outlook Webmail or with Mobile/Desktop Clients.


 If you are enjoying Hotmail on your Outlook account & willing to verify it then do it through  Microsoft Account Profile >> Account Info >> Sign-in preferences. 



Find an aliases list devoted to your Microsoft account, on a page here namely "how you log in/sign in to Microsoft". Aliases list on this page will show you Hotmail IDs being used and saved as either primary or secondary aliases. 


A user can add more than one alias to his Microsoft account. Aliases list will show only Hotmail IDs as available aliases if you never had an ID/account on the Outlook domain. Yes, users can always signup to create a new Hotmail ID but as it is a reserved domain so it can not be kept as secondary alias at all. New aliases can be created through the email address. 



How to retrieve an old Hotmail ID/account?

If you used to enjoy a Hotmail account but now it's not in your access & you are willing to retrieve it, yes can retrieve it but it depends on a lot of factors including your recent activities on your Hotmail account. Here are a few notable factors in the process to retrieve a Hotmail account. 


Last Activity on Account

If you did not forget your password for your Hotmail account but logged in just once in a calendar year given that the duration is a bit less than 365 days then it is very easy to retrieve the account. Just go with these simple steps. 

  1. open this  Outlook sign-in page and type in your user ID & password in the respective bars. 
  2. As soon as you provide the password & user ID you will be in your account inbox directly.  If it's been a long while since your last login then it may ask to verify your account via a short code which you can choose to receive on your mobile number or any other email address. 
  3. You can retrieve the Hotmail account by simply typing in the verification code sent to you on your phone number/email address.


In case you even forget your password, you still can get into your Hotmail account via this verification code process. 


Recovery of Deleted Hotmail Account Due to Inactivity

If it's been two years or more since your last login to your Hotmail account you were not using any sort of paid services on that account, then Microsoft may delete your Hotmail ID permanently due to inactivity and may assign it to any other user. Once the account is deleted, it has an allowed duration of 60 days to recover it, if it is not recovered in this duration then it is assigned to another user. If you have such an account that has been deleted worthy of inactivity & you are willing to recover it then go with these steps.

  1. Here's a link to check whether you can retrieve your account or not alternate email address or phone number at the Microsoft recovery page


     2. If you are still allowed to recover your account then the above-given window will lead you to generate & receive a verification stint on your mobile number or alternative recovery email address. 


you will receive all the email addresses devoted to your recovery email address or mobile/phone number. some part of each email address will be shown and the remaining will be kept hidden due to some privacy rules. You have to guess your account that you wanna recover from this small portion of email addresses shown to you 


     3. As you select your desired Hotmail account to recover, the next screen will be the verification of your alternate email address that whether it is a Microsoft account or not. Then you are allowed to sign in to your Hotmail ID using your Hotmail username & password. If you don't remember the password, then you have to go with the password recovery process. 

     4. Once you have logged in to your account, check your Hotmail address that whether your account still hangs around or not if it is still there then set it as a primary alias from Microsoft Account Profile -> Account Info -> Edit Account Info.


Note: For the above-mentioned method of Hotmail recovery for deleted old accounts, you must have to remember your recovery email or number attached to your Hotmail account. 


How to Recover Deleted Hotmail Account if Forgot Recovery Email Address?

If you had been using a Hotmail account but did not log in to it for a long while and have forgotten even the alternate email address devoted to it for recovery, still you can get your Hotmail username. It's just a username that can be retrieved not the account and all contact & inbox conversations, emails, etc, as those are erased when your account got deleted by the platform. But the best thing about this is that you can still log in to any third-party services which you used to access via your this Hotmail username in the past. For getting back your username, create a new ID on Outlook with the same Hotmail username that is deleted due to inactivity. For this, the process is the same as you use to create a new ID and is also elaborated below.


How to Create New Hotmail Account?

Along with the recovery of your Hotmail account, you are also allowed to create a new Hotmail account for yourself. In order to create a new one from scratches just go with the below given simple steps. 

  1. Browse or open it here  Outlook sign-in page and click the " Creat One " option. 


     2. Here you can choose a username for a new account with an Outlook domain as well as a Hotmail domain. If you are willing to create a Hotmail account then write in your desired available username with 

Hotmail Create Account Outlook Hotmail Options

    3. Now write in a strong password for your new Hotmail account and proceed by tapping/clicking on 'Next'.


    4. The next credentials in account setup are to put in your full name, birthday, and your region in respective tabs/bars.  


    5. Solve the verification puzzle to prove that you are not a robot. 


    6. Once the new account setup is done, you can choose to stay in if you are willing to reach & use Outlook services, web email as well as mobile applications of Outlook services & Microsoft.


If you wanna create & use a Hotmail account on your mobile phone, then grab the official Microsoft/Outlook app from your device app store or from Google Play Store. The steps to create the new account are similar to those followed in creating an account on your desktop. 


How to Rename Your Hotmail Username to Outlook?

Keep your user name but switch your account from to username will remain the same as well as the login password and you will be able to receive all those emails sent to your username with So just switch your username domain from Hotmail to Outlook retaining your actual name, password, and all the services you were enjoying with your Hotmail username. Follow these steps to rename your account. 


1. Open your page by signing in with your Hotmail username and look for the profile icon in the top right corner of the interface and open it. Then open here " My Microsoft Account ".


2. Open Microsoft Account Profile >> Account info >> Edit Account Info.


3. Now you will be on a page " Manage How you sign in to Microsoft ". This page will show you all those aliases that are used by you to sign in to Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, or other Microsoft services. If only a Hotmail username is used to log in to different services of Microsoft & Outlook then there's nothing more than a Hotmail account to show.  You just simply have to click on the " Add Email " option. 


4. CLicking the" Add email " option will redirect you to a page where you can create a new alias of the outlook domain with the same username as you used with the Hotmail domain. 


As you have created the same username alias with address, you can set this alias as a primary email address but it'll be after 48 hours that it appears as primary alias on Outlook as well as all the other Microsoft services & applications that you are using. 


The emails that are sent to your previous Hotmail email address will be redirected to this new alias's inbox. You have to keep the previous email address as you secondary alias despite having an option to remove it. 


How to Delete a Hotmail Account?

Before deleting your Hotmail account, be aware that deleting an account means your all friend list, conversation, emails, contacts, and subscriptions purchased via this email address will be lost. If you are agreed to lose all this and are willing to delete your account then go for it with these simple given steps. 


1. Browse or open " Microsoft’s close account page " and click the given blue color button of " Close Your Account ".   


2. Choose and add a phone number or alternate email address as a piece of security information if you never added this security information asset earlier. 


3. You will receive a short code on your added security information phone number or email address. Write in this code in the given bar and click on next to proceed to the next step. 


4. Next step is a checklist screen where you get your Hotmail account ready to close. If you are asked to verify multiple times via code then you have to verify it to ultimately reach this checklist screen. 


5. This page also gives to choose the option to rejoin your account with an allowed duration of 30 or 60 days. You can choose any of this duration period. 


6. As you click on the " Done " button your account is removed. It will be deleted permanently if does not log in to it within the selected rejoining period. 


Why Hotmail account is Blocked to Unblock it?

Any unusual activity for signing in may lead to your account being blocked. If you wanna unblock it just reset your account password from the Microsofts password recovery page

When Does an inactive Microsoft Hotmail account is Deleted?

If an account is not logged in for more than 2 years Microsoft will delete it due to Inactivity and may assign this account to any other user.

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