How to roll a joint?

How to roll a joint?

Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler
How to roll a joint?
It is a bit tricky to roll a joint, but a little effort and practice will make you master it. In today's tutorial, I will share the step-by-step guide with you to roll a joint. It is a well-known method by which you can consume Cannabis.

It is a bit tricky to roll a joint, but a little effort and practice will make you master it. In today's tutorial, I will share the step-by-step guide with you to roll a joint. It is a well-known method by which you can consume Cannabis.

Introduction to Joint:

A joint is a cigarette that contains Cannabis. But it is manually made by any human who wants to enjoy it. You can also get them in a few dispensers ready to use. It has a combination of Cannabis and tobacco. It adds more flavor to your smoke. Cannabis and tobacco are spliffs if a person fills the cigar with Cannabis, so he is making a blunt.

Things you need to roll a joint:

These are the few necessary things to have while rolling a joint.

  • Cannabis
  • Mixer
  • Rolling Tray
  • Rolling Papers
  • Filter
  • Chopstick


A step-by-step guide to rolling a joint:

Now you have all the essential things and are ready to roll a joint. Follow the step-by-step guide to perfectly rolling a joint. So let's start.

  1. Use a grinder for Cannabis:

Firstly, you need to grind the Cannabis as it comes from flowers. So take a grinder and add Cannabis to it. Grind until you get a smooth powder. It will add more taste to your smoke. Be careful while dealing with Cannabis as you will do the grinding roughly, so you will not be able to get the desired results.

Use A Grinder For Cannabis

  1. Create a crutch:

Crutches are best known as a filter or tips to hold a joint. You can get the crutch from any shop, but few people prefer to make it independently. It does not have an important role but is used to hold the joint. In addition, if you use the crutch to hold the joint, you will save your lips from getting burnt.

Create A Crutch

How to make a crutch:

These are the few steps to make a perfect crutch.

  • You can use any paper or card to make a crutch.
  • Cut the paper or card in a rectangular shape and roll it.
  • Start from the zig-zag pattern, and at the end, roll it.

You will also find various unique glass and wooden crutches in dispensaries.

  1. Fill the joint:

Fill The Joint

Take a small piece of rolling paper, especially a rectangle in shape. Place it on the tray. Now add a few of the marijuana on the paper. Do not overload it. Spread it in the form of a vertical line. To roll the joint like a cone, fill more wed near the tip.

  1. Roll the joint:

Roll The Joint

Roll the joint to give it a final look. Start rolling it using your index finger and thumb and give it the shape of a taco initially. Create a cylinder shape joint and roll it back and forth to evenly distribute all the weeds. Keep the adhesive side in the opposite direction.

You will start rolling from the nonsticky side toward the sticky side. Roll gradually for a perfect shape. When you reach the end, wet the adhesive side slightly and fix the joint.

Slowly Seal The Joint.

When you get done with the rolling of the joint, now it's time to push all the Cannabis towards the mouthpiece. For this purpose, you can use any chopstick. Moreover, you can also use any similar shape object to push the Cannabis. You can also stuff more Cannabis at this time.

In the end, twist the joint and seal it from the tip.

Your joint is ready to use.

Your Joint Is Ready To Use.

Best way to choose rolling papers:

It is also difficult to choose the paper to roll a joint. But do not worry; we will also provide information about the paper selection to roll a joint. Mostly rolling papers are made up of esparto, rice straw, and other non-wood sources. People who use the joint are well known for rolling papers.

Hamp Rolling Paper

Joint smokers mostly use it as it gives a good smell of paper burn.

Cigarillo Wraps

It is used by a few people, mostly those who used to smoke blunts. This paper is made up of tobacco leaves.

If you are a beginner, I recommend choosing hemp paper as they are easy to handle. Later, when you become a master of joint rolling, you can use the other thin or rice paper.

A few papers are also available to roll a joint with some flavors. You can also use them.

Size of Rolling Papers:

  • Single wide
  • Double wide
  • King
  • King slim
  • 11/4 inch
  • 11/2 inch

Tips for rolling a joint easily:

The correct size of paper: It is recommended that you must initiate the rolling of a joint with 11/4 inch paper. But some experts have their opinion as they prefer to start with the King Size. So both can be used for beginners.

Paper Texture: Use thick paper to roll the joint, minimizing the risk of paper tears. After practice, you can easily handle the thin paper so choose it later.

Start with the filter: Use your right hand to grip the filter strongly. It will provide more stability in this way.

Roll slowly: Roll the joint slowly by moving the rolling paper back and forth for even distribution of the Cannabis.

Wet slightly: Wet the stick end very lightly to seal the ends.

Twist tightly: A tight twist should seal the end so no cannabis can come out. Do the practice several times, and you will be perfect at it.


I have tried to share the tips and tricks to roll a joint with each step. I hope you have learned the whole method easily. Please let me know if you like this tutorial in the comment section.

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