How to draw eyes?

How to draw eyes?

Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler
How to draw eyes?
I have tried my best to show all the steps to you to create an eye easily. Hopefully, you will like the way I have explained it to you. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create an eye.

In this tutorial, I will share the steps to draw a perfect human eye. To draw the eye, you need to have

  1. To draw an eye, you need at least two pencils. One will be dark, and the other will be light. To create the sketch, you can use a light pencil. For shading and creating depth, you need dark pencil 6B or 8B.
  2. You need a sketchbook, but if you have one, you can use any plain water of A4 size.
  3. Use any ordinary eraser to remove the extra structures.

Steps to draw an eye:

I have tried my best to show all the steps to you to create an eye easily. Hopefully, you will like the way I have explained it to you. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create an eye. You cannot create a perfect and natural eye if you miss any step.

Step 1. Make an outline

Make An Outline

The first and most important step is to sketch an outline to give a shape to the eye. You can do it by making an almond shape, as shown in the figure. Now create a small curved line on the left side of the lower border.

Step 2.Draw the inner circle

Draw The Inner Circle

The next step is to draw a rough circle that starts from the upper border of the eye and ends more than half of the eye. It will give the inner look of the eye .ease do not draw a perfect circle as it will give an artificial look.

Step 3. Create a pupil

Create A Pupil

Add a highlighter area in the circle and after that, add another circle in the middle of the big circle to make a pupil for the eye. Draw the highlight as same as you can see in the attached picture.

Step 4. Shading of Pupil

Shading Of Pupil

It's time to give color to the pupil. You can use a dark pencil to fill the pupil with black color. Fill it in, and don't miss any part. You can see the level of darkness in the attached image, so try to do the same.

Step 5. Create Eyelids:

Create Eyelids

Now, draw the upper and lower eyelids by sketching a curved line. The upper line will be curved in an upward direction, while, on the other hand, the lower line will be curved downward. Both lines will be drawn outside of the almond shape.

Step 6. Sketch Eyelashes:

Sketch Eyelashes

The eye is incomplete without eyelashes. Make light strokes to give the appearance of eyelashes with your pencil. Draw them on the upper eyelid as well as the lower eyelid.

Step 7. Make a few structures dark

Make A Few Structures Dark

Now darken the few things of the eye to give a more natural look. First of all, darken the inner circle with a dark pencil. Next, darken the inner almond shape structure.

Step 8. Creat Lines

Creat Lines

Add more fine lines in between the lashes, so they look denser. Also, add lines in the pupil, which is the inner circle of the eye. Start with the big lines and end with the small lines to give a natural look.

Step 9. Add more lines

Add More Lines

Lines give the eye a complete appearance. Add more and more fine lines in the pupil.

Step 10. Dark lines

Dark Lines

Now, a few of the dark lines in the pupil. You can use your dark pencil for this purpose.

Step 11. Create some depth

Create Some Depth

To add depth to the eye, you need to create a dark shading on the outer border of the pupil. You can also observe the attached picture for your ease.

Step 12. Add more depth

Add More Depth

To enhance the depth effect of the eye, you can add darker lines with a dark pencil. This will make the pupil round in shape and increase its depth.

Step 13. Dense the lashes

Dense The Lashes

Be careful while filling the lashes to make them. Denser. If you are making an eye of a female, then eyelashes will be more clumpy than men's.

Step 14. Start shading

Start Shading

Now fill the inner of the eye with a light shade of the pencil. After shading, smudge it to give smooth and fine effects. Don't shade it too dark.

Step 15. Add a final touch

Add some shading to the inner and outer corners of the eye. You are one with a pretty look in the eye.

Add A Final Touch

How to draw the eye with more real effect?

To draw the eye and give them a relaxing effect, you need to follow the several tips I have mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, try to create a sketch of an eye with a lighter pencil instead of a dark one.
  2. Draw the rough shapes and then join them to create a proper outline.
  3. Add smooth transition and blending to give a more natural look.

How much time will it take to draw an eye?

It depends upon your artistic skill. If you are professional at drawing, you can create an eye within a few minutes. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, it will take a lot of time as you need to practice repeatedly to draw the structures efficiently.


So I have shared fifteen different steps with you to draw a perfect eye completely. You can also draw both eyes by following the mentioned instructions. It is the easiest way to draw the eye in a short time. You do not need to create any lines with a ruler for perfection. Use the pencil and the paper and sketch out the pretty structure of the eye. I hope you like this tutorial.

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