How to draw a dog?

How to draw a dog?

Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler
How to draw a dog?
It is an easy way to draw a dog if you follow all the given instructions step by step. You need a sketchbook, pencil, and eraser to draw a dog.

It is an easy way to draw a dog if you follow all the given instructions step by step. You need a sketchbook, pencil, and eraser to draw a dog. We will also share a few tips with you to draw a perfect dog, so if you are not professional, there is no need to worry.

Today's tutorial will be helpful for you. So let's start.

Basic forms to draw a dog:

There are the following basic forms you should learn first to sketch the outer structure of a dog.

  1. Make Three Circles

Make Three Circles

First, you need to draw three circles to create the look of a dog. The size of the circle depends upon the structure size of the dog. The lower two circles will create the body, and another one will be for the face.

  1. Create Muzzle


Now it's time to add another small circle in the top circle to make the muzzle. After that, draw the two lines to connect both lower circles, as shown in the image.

  1. Legs and tail

Legs And Tail

To create the legs of the dog, you must see the diagram first. Here you can see the proper symmetry of the joints and foot. Try to draw in the same way. The dog has four legs, so two will be in front and two on the backside. Create a proper angle to make them more natural. To add a tail, you must create a simple line outside the right circle in a slightly upward direction.

  1. Face


It is slightly difficult, but a little practice will make you perfect. Observe the image and the positions to draw the dog's nose, eyes, and ears perfectly. Create the ear of the dog by making a small triangle. To make an eye draw a small V-shaped structure. In the last, draw the nose of the dog.

  1. Creat first Outline

Creat First Outline

Now it's time to outline the dog's structure to give it a natural look. You can use the two different lines to outline. The top body looks smooth, so use the normal line to sketch it. While on the other hand, for the bottom and legs, you can create hatching lines to give a furry appearance. Join the neck and face, as shown in the picture.

  1. Create Second Outline

Create Second Outline

For the second Outline, you need to draw the other pair of legs of the dog. The front legs will be joined while the back will be slightly apart. Moreover, add a muzzle and draw a tongue as well. This will give you the complete form of the dog.

How to draw a Dog in Different Poses:

It is also not so tricky to draw the dog in multiple poses. Here all the instructions are given for your ease. Follow them carefully.

  1. Draw Circles

Draw Circles

In the given picture, we have shown seven different types of poses that will be helpful for you to draw the dog. You can create similar circles to make the body and head of the dog.

  1. Make Muzzle, Legs & Eyes

Make Muzzle, Legs & Eyes

To add more features of a dog:

  1. Follow the diagram carefully.
  2. Create the lines and match the circles appropriately for a definite look.
  3. Locate the correct position of the muzzle, eyes, and legs.

3. Draw tip of nose & Ears

Draw Tip Of Nose & Ears

Now it's easy for you to draw the nose and ears of the dogs in different poses. But there is a little twist in which you will find different ear shapes for different poses. It is not the same as a triangle. You can draw the ears in two different ways. If you will draw them up, so it looks like alertness. While on the other hand, if you draw them down, it shows the dog's calmness.

  1. Make Outlines of Dog

Make Outlines Of Dog

It is easy to create the dog's Outline with different poses. Look at the diagram and join the lines. Use simple lines to create smoothness. To give enough appearance, you can draw the lines in a zig-zag manner. In the end, you will have a pretty look of a dog that looks so natural and real.

How To Draw A Dog In A Relaxed Pose

How to draw a dog in a relaxed Pose:

To draw a dog in a relaxed pose, you must draw these given structures carefully.

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Muzzle & Mouth
  • Paws
  • The rough Outline of the structure
  • Final Sketch
  1. Eyes


The eyes of the dog are not similar to the human eyes. It will be more circular. First, draw a tiny circle and add a small triangle depending upon the size of the eye. Now add a little dot in the circle's center and expand it. Remove the dot from the center using an eraser to give a glowy-eye look.

  1. Nose


It is a bit difficult but read the given steps to draw it smoothly.

  • Create a square and cut it into half by drawing a horizontal line. After that, you will get the two boxes. Add a vertical line in the center of the lower box.
  • Now, create the small rough circles on the central line of the square. Point out the nostrils by making a tiny line on both sides, as shown in the image.
  • Make an upward curved line on the top border of the square.
  • In the fourth step, join the nostrils with the tiny lines by creating a snail shape structure. Draw a V at the center of the lower border.
  • In the fifth step, join the bottom V with the lines of the nostrils. These lines will be slightly curved.
  • Lastly, remove all the points you have drawn for guidelines.
  1. Muzzle & Mouth

Muzzle & Mouth

You can easily draw the muzzle of the mouth by creating a W shape. Draw a tongue below the W.

  1. Paws


To make the paws draw a square. Now join the three edges of the square by making them slightly round. Add three vertical lines on the lower border of the square to create the toes.

  1. The rough Outline of the structure

The Rough Outline Of The Structure

Draw the rough Outline of the calm dog by adding the shoulder, legs, body, and ears. For this, you can have a close-up of the given picture.

  1. Final Sketch

Final Sketch

The final sketch depends upon you. You can add hatching and even smooth strokes for the look of your dog.

How To Draw A Dog With Colors

How to draw a dog with colors:

  1. Several colors

Several Colors

The dogs are of different colors, such as black, brown, and white. Today I will show you how to create the look of a brown dog. For this, you need at least six different colors. For the eyes, you need black color, and for the tongue, you need a slightly red color. The rest of the body will combine lighter and darker shades of brown.

  1. Add a hard shadow

Add A Hard Shadow

Use brown colors to give a hard shadow to the dog. These will be the areas where the effect of the light occurs most.

  1. Add Soft shadow

To give a softer shadow, you can color the dog and then smudge it to give it a soft appearance.

  1. Add Light Shadow

Add Light Shadow

For a lighter shadow, you need to pick a light brown shade. This can look after a furry dog.

  1. Add deep shadow

To make the fur look more natural, you can give it a darker look by shading it with dark brown.

Add Deep Shadow

Final Words:

Here is the beautiful look of a dog that you can create by yourself. I hope you have enjoyed this amazing tutorial. Have fun and enjoy your drawing.

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