How to Clean Air Pods?

How to Clean Air Pods?

Sydney Butler
Sydney Butler
How to Clean Air Pods?
It is important to keep your Airpods clean and neat if you want them to look better or perform properly. Here are some methods to clean your Airpods and make them new ones.

It is important to keep your Airpods clean and neat if you want them to look better or perform properly. Here are some methods to clean your Airpods and make them new ones. After cleaning your Airpods, you can wipe them daily and can avoid too much dirt.

The first method to Make Airpods clean:

  1. Dust and dirt cleaning:

Dust And Dirt Cleaning

Get a piece of microfiber cloth and use it to clean your Airpods. A regular cloth can damage the polish of Airpods, so never use it. The microfiber is better as it can collect the smallest particles of dirt. Use the microfiber cloth on the whole surface of each air pod smoothly with your hand.

  1. Cotton Swab for hard-to-reach areas:

Cotton Swab For Hard-to-reach Areas

If you can wipe the areas with a cloth, you can use cotton swabs to clean them. Pick up the cotton swab and gently use its soft part to remove the dirt from small areas of your Airpods. You can erase the dust or wax from speaker grills using cotton swabs. Use it very gently to keep the speaker grills safe. If you push cotton swabs hard, it can damage the grills of the speakers.

  1. Pencil Eraser to remove dust and spots:

Pencil Eraser To Remove Dust And Spots

If there are some spots or hard dust on your Airpods, you can use a pencil eraser to remove them. Hold the pencil, place the eraser on a dusty spot, and rub the eraser very smoothly. After rubbing, if the spot is erased, you can use a microfiber cloth to remove any leftover particles.

  1. Anti-static brush for speaker grills:

Anti-static Brush For Speaker Grills

If the speaker grills are dirty, you can use an anti-static brush to wipe them. You can also use any toothbrush and its bristles instead of an anti-static brush. Brush away all the wax or hard dirt which is stuck in the grills by using bristles. Use soft motion while brushing to avoid grill damage.

  1. A Wet Microfiber fiber cloth to clean Airpods:

A Wet Microfiber Fiber Cloth To Clean Airpods

If you do not clean your Airpods for a long time, you must use water to erase all the dust and dirt. Take a microfiber cloth and drop some distilled water drops on it to make its surface wet. Rub the damp part on the dirty surface of your Airpods to clean it. Do not use that wet part on the speaker’s grills.

  • Never use tap water instead of distilling water as it contains minerals that can damage your Airpods polish.

The second method to Make Airpods Neat:

The Second Method To Make Airpods Neat

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to clean Airpods regularly:

Use A Microfiber Cloth To Clean Airpods Regularly

You can clean Airpods regularly to stop collecting wax or dust. You can use a microfiber cloth piece and put it in your Airpods case. It will help you to clean Airpods easily. You can wipe them after using them with that cloth piece and keep them safe from dirt.

  1. Put AirPods in the case:

Put AirPods In The Case

If you store your Airpods in their case, it will be safer, and you can prevent them from dirt. Never put Airpods in your clothes pocket or any other place as they can collect a lot of dirt from such places. Always keep your Airpods in case you are not using them.

  • If you love to use Airpods at night for listening to music, then keep the case near you so you can put them in it after use.
  • If you are traveling somewhere, then carry the case with you. Make sure the case is closed so that dirt cannot go inside it.
  1. Wipe your ears daily:

Wipe Your Ears Daily

If you are cleaning the outer part of your ears, then it can cause you to transfer wax or dirt into speaker grills. Clean your outer ears with a cotton swab or use a soft cloth. You do not need to clean your ear canals. Just wipe out dirt or wax from the outer part so that Airpods can sit on it.

  1. Never share Airpods with anyone:

If you give your Airpods to your friends or any other person, they can use them roughly. The wax from their ears also transfers into the speaker grills. They can also leave them out of the case, which can also cause dirt or dust on Airpods. Keep your hold on your Airpods, and do not share it with anybody to make your Airpods clean.

Tips to keep earbuds clean:

  • Never use your Airpods in water, and keep them dry.
  • Never use lotion, soap, or anything else to wipe out Airpods.
  • Use a dry-line-free fabric after cleaning Airpods with a wet microfiber surface.
  • Type of sharp item to erase wax from speakers.
  • Do not use sharp objects to clean earbuds, as they can damage them.

Final Words:

I hope you find this tutorial helpful for you. You can use any method to clean your air pods without hesitation. They all are safe to use and will not harm your AirPods. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section.


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