Top 8 ways to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

How to fix Snapchat not loading Snaps

Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici
Top 8 ways to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps
Snapchat is one of the most popular apps when it comes to enjoyment and saving the moments you spent with your loved ones. But, sometimes when your snap never downloads or keeps on loading or ultimately just fails to get saved in your Snapchat memories, one faces issues.

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps when it comes to enjoyment and saving the moments you spent with your loved ones. But, sometimes when your snap never downloads or keeps on loading or ultimately just fails to get saved in your Snapchat memories, one faces issues.


You can fix your loading issue of the snaps by just opting for the below-mentioned 8 ways. These are the solutions that you need to follow and once you have started to follow these rules from the basic level to the advanced one you will ultimately cope with this issue for sure. Let’s, discover these ways.


1. Make Sure a Stable Internet Connection 

If you are having difficulty while downloading your snaps, you should firstly check your Internet connection that it’s slow or maybe it’s not working. The cause why you’re having a slow Internet connection or any sort of difficulty related to your Internet is that Snapchat may take time to download your snaps.  Then, run a quick speed check or you should try to switch your network and try to make it work for you.

2. Check App Permissions

Snapchat requires proper permission from your internal mobile system to have an excess to download your images in your Snapchat Memories or the gallery of your phone. If Snapchat has not been given permission then it will not work as it claims to work. You can work on this issue by following the below-mentioned steps. 



Step 1: You just have to open your Snapchat by clicking the Snapchat icon and then clicking on the info icon over there on the top of the menu that comes on your screen. From that app info page now, you just have to click on the permissions.



Step 2: Allow all the permissions the app has been asking for.





 Step 1:

On your iPhone, you just have to open the settings and over there you just have to click on the Snapchat option.



Step 2: Then click on allow to all the permissions.



Now after clicking and giving access to all the required permissions, you have to go back to the Snapchat account and see if your memories are now being loaded with your snaps.

3. Check if the Snapchat is Down

Several times, the snap chat server is down, and while having such type of issue your Snapchat may not work properly. To cope with this sort of issue, you have to see the working status of the snap chat server.  For this, you have to visit a website name Downdetector. It shows you the complete range of the apps or the services that are having their server down.


If you came to know that the snap chat's server is down, you can’t do anything even though you have just to wait for it. There are many chances that they’re going to resolve this issue in no time. To update yourself with the working status of Snapchat, you have to keep an eye on this website to know what’s going on further.


4. Clear Conversations

If you are facing trouble while downloading the snap from particular friends, you have to solve the problem by clearing the conversation. It might be because the conversation is cached. You can solve this issue by following the below-mentioned techniques.

Step 1: Open your profile by clicking on the profile icon present in the left corner, there you have to tap on the gear icon to open the settings of your Snapchat profile.



 Step 2: Over there you have to click on the privacy, and then tap on the clear conversation. Ultimately, your conversation will be cleared.



 Step 3: Now click on the cross icon in front of those images or text you wish to delete.



5. Removing and re-add friends

When you have all the above-mentioned steps of clearing the conversation of that particular friend from whom you can’t download the image if it doesn't work just unfriend or remove that friend from your friend list. Doing this has worked out for several of the users.

Step 1: Visit your friend's profile and there at the top right you will find three dots, just click on them and then click on remove friend.



Step 2: The option to remove a friend will appear on your screen just click on it to remove that particular friend.



 When you have to remove your friend for once, just add your friend again and see if this works for you or not.

6. Clear Snapchat cache

Like so many apps Snapchat also caches your data When you view stories or download the new filters, or view Memories. If your data is facing such type of corruption  you have to delete all your cache data and then try again in this matter

Because Snapchat offers you to delete your cache data while using the app itself. So your cache data values in the app by using the following steps while using both Android and iPhone.

Step 1: Open your Snapchat settings.

 Then scroll the settings down and click on the account actions options.

Step 2: Then click on the clear cache option over there. Click clear cache when the option pops up on your screen.



7. Update Snapchat

If you are using an older version of Snapchat, this may be a reason for you facing such type of issues. To compete with this issue you should visit the updated version and download it. Sometimes changes have been made to the particular app and this may also be the reason for the snaps not getting downloaded to your Snapchat.

8. Avoid using VPN

When you are using VPN, you also face such issues as not downloading your Snapchat or you can’t send the particular snaps to someone. It’s better not to use VPN at the time when you are using Snapchat or you want to work it properly for you guys.

Can I use this method to fix 'snaps not loading' issue on my iPhone?

Yes, this article contains a well-described method of tackling this issue on both Android as well as iOS devices.

What is the first thing to do if snaps are not loading on Snapchat?

Check your device's internet connection status & quality, if it is okay then go for restarting the app if still the problem persists then reboot/restart your device.

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