Do you See ‘Privacy Warning’ in Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad?

‘Privacy Warning’ in Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad

Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici
Do you See ‘Privacy Warning’ in Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad?
Are you facing a privacy warning on wifi on your iPhone or iPad? fix it here.

In Wifi setting of your iPhone or iPad, you may see a message of privacy warning under wifi network's name as shown below in the given screenshot.


This message on your device may arise certain questions in your mind such as 

  • Why did this message appear on my device?
  • Is everything ok regarding my device & privacy?
  • is someone tracking my online activities?
  • Is someone trying to breach my device privacy?
  • Is someone trying to connect my WiFi network?
  • How can I get rid of this privacy warning issue?

If you are an iOS user and facing this privacy warning issue then we will not just give answers to all those questions arising in your mind but also all the possible reasons for this problem and all fixes to this issue. 


Reasons Behind 'Privacy Warning' Message 

There are certain reasons which may cause this message to appear on an iPhone or iPad. Let's see it a bit deeper. When you see further info by clicking on the ' (i) ' icon located beside a wifi network's name, either of these two messages usually appears there.

  • This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic.
  • Private address disabled for this wifi network.

No matter what message appears there, the method to fix the issue is the same. This message actually results due to the privacy stance of Apple. User privacy is the first and foremost priority for Apple and whenever you try to access different Wifi networks, your apple device uses various MAC (Media Access Control) addresses to reach & connect these various wifi networks. Usually, the MAC address of an Apple device is masked and not shown to a wifi network with which it connects, If you see a privacy warning message while connecting to a WiFi network it means your MAC address is visible to the network with which you are trying to connect. MAC address visibility to wifi network means that data you are transmitting via this wifi network is interceptable. But iOS devices are very safe & secure when it comes to the privacy of users. But the site you explored via this wifi is traceable. 


How to Fix Privacy Warning on iPhone or iPad

Here are a few effective & frequently suggested fixes to the 'Privacy Warning' message on your iPhone as well as iPad.

1. Enable Your Private Wifi Address on your iPhone or iPad through the following steps. 

  • Open the device's main setting menu.
  • open the Wi-Fi tab here.
  • Locate the network name below which privacy warning message is shown and click on the (i) button beside this network's name. 
  • Turn on the option of Private Wi-Fi Address.
  • Now turn off & again turn on your main Wi-Fi toggle and your issue will be resolved. 

Comment us or give feedback if this fix worked for you. 



2. If your device is connected to the home Wi-Fi network and you see this warning message then it's not a matter of big concern but make sure that your connection setting is aligned with Apple’s recommended settings. Click this link to the recommended setting, go to the security section and follow those given steps in the security section. Once you configured the aligned steps, open your device wifi menu and click on the forget network option for this network which is showing a privacy warning. Follow these steps to forget a wifi network on your device. 

  • Open the device setting and go to the wifi tab here.
  • Open the info tab by tapping the (i) button next to the network name.
  • Tap on the ' Forget This Network ' option. 


Note: This message is a matter of great concern if your device is showing it while it is connected to a public wifi network.


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