Contact Has Notifications Silenced in Messages

Notifications Silenced in Messages

Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici
Contact Has Notifications Silenced in Messages
If you are facing 'contact has notifications silenced' problem then know all the reasons & fix it here.

You opened a conversation with any on your device and certainly you wat a message at the end of the conversation saying that 'has silenced notification'.Here we will explain why it happens and what to do in this situation.

Why I'm Seeing ' Notifications Silenced' in messages?

'Notifications Silenced' this message with an icon of a crescent moon appears in conversation when the person you are texting has enabled 'Do not Disturb' mode which is a substitute function of focus mode. If you have enabled this 'Do not Disturb' mode on your device then your buddies texting will also see this message. 

What to Do

Here, is how and what you can do when your friend is on Focus mode and you are seeing this ' notification silenced ' message. 

1. Suppose is one of your contacts who is using the 'Do Not Disturb' function on his device and you need to text him urgently.

2. Open your conversation with that contact in messaging app, you will see a message that ' has silenced notifications'. As shown in the given screenshot 


Notifications-silenced Techyhappy

3. Now when you send a piece of text to this a small note will be indicated saying 'Delivered Quietly' as shown below. It means that your contact has received text but his/her notifications alerts are silenced.


4. But hang on and look at the above screenshot again. There is an option 'notify anyway'. If you wanna really notify your contact then click on this 'Notify Anyway' option. This option will notify your contact with vibration or ding via bypassing the focus mode barrier that had silenced notifications. 


Disable This 'Notifications Silenced' Message

If you wanna use focus mode and want that your contacts don't see this 'notifications silenced' message even though you are on focus mode then you can disable this message even while using focus mode on your device. Just follow these steps to make this setup. 

  • Open setting
  • Go to the 'Focus' tab
  • Select any desired Focus mode
  • Tap on the option section 
  • Tap on Focus Status 
  • Disable the toggle of 'Share Focus Status'.


As you disable this feature your contact won't be able to know that you are in focus mode as there won't be a message in conversation saying ' notifications silenced'.


Can I hide this' notifications silenced' message in any conversation with my contact?

No, this message will only disappear when you contact disable focus mode or disable focus status sharing.

what to do to notify a friend when his device is on focus mode?

You can click on the ' Notify Anyway' option given in the conversation. this will notify your friend via a ding or vibration even if his/ her device is on focus mode.

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