11 Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat with Strangers

Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat with Strangers

Alexandra Arici
Alexandra Arici
11 Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat with Strangers
Get connected to a stranger's world

In this highly advanced social media world, there are plenty of top-notch socializing sites that are linking people together all over the world. Despite famous social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype, Line and plenty of other social media platforms, Omegle has a unique place in the socializing world and enjoying great fame all across the globe since its launch in 2009. The basic idea behind the success of Omegle was the out-of-the-box thinking of its developers to connect the users with other strangers all across the globe.

Initially, it was developed for chatting between strangers but within a month or two its widely spreading fame insisted the developers for introducing a feature that allowed video conferencing for the users. But the humongous amount of users made the site super-saturated and now people do look for different alternatives to chat with strangers across the globe. Here we arranged a list of the best 11 apps that are as good as Omegle and can be used as an alternative to Omegle to fulfil your chatting & conferencing joy with strangers. 

11 Omegle Alternatives In 2022

1. ChatHub

Being an Omegle alternative, ChatHub also comes with all those free features that enable users to chat & video call with random people all over the world. Chathub does not ask you for any registration & subscription. As you enter the site via a browser you get two sorts of room for chatting. The first one is for simple friendly chat b/w the users while the second one (Adult Room) is for adult activities including flirting, purposing someone, or showing your feelings to someone.


Despite offering plenty for free, this app still offers some premium features like it allows you to use genre filters, a match-filter that matches you only with those users that use to speak in the voice and also appears on camera. The charge for this premium feature plus subscription is 14.99 dollars per month.



Features of ChatHub

Search Filters

Search filters allow you to narrow down your search and make it more accurate and accordingly. You can use a gender filter which shows the results of your desired gender, a language filter to find users with the same or your desired language, and a country filter to bring ChatHub users from a specific country. 

Compatible with Mobile

ChatHub does not have any official app for use on mobile but still is very compatible with mobile, tablets & other smart devices. Browser is the only way to get into the site on both mobile & desktop. You can chat, and enjoy video conferencing & all other features with a similar experience as on PC. 

Avoid Multiple Matchups with the Same User

If you are getting a match-up with the same user again & again, you can set this feature to avoid getting multiple match-ups with a single person. 


 2. Chatroulette

Chatroulette was launched in the same year as Omegle and since then both are very close competitors of each other. Similar to Omegle, this site also gained very good fame within no time and is considered a strong candidate as an Omegle alternative. In contrast to Omegle, it is a currency/coin-based socializing platform which offers 30 coins to a new user as he enters the site. Spending a minute in chat earns you 30 more coins. If someone selects you for chatting it's also useful for you as it earns you 8 coins. The only part where you have to spend those coins is to search for your desired person, for each new search you have to spend 5 coins. 


Chatroulette Omegle Alternative

Features of Chatroulette 

This site has plenty of amazing features that make it the simplest chatting site to approach strangers and bring it to the list of Omegle alternatives. Here are the highlights of some site features.

Easy to Use

This site is very easy to use. As the use of the site is totally based on coins/currency hence as you initially enter the site, it gives a quick review of the currency system. Once you go through the currency system review & usage of coins, you can start chatting with people. 


Advantage of Currency of System

The currency system is advantageous in some way as it limits the people to stay serious & chat long with the other users. It restricts the trolls &toad-type users that just jump from one chat to another one just to teas & troll people. It not just binds the user for a longer period but also earns them more & more coins as they stick longer to a chat. 


A Friendly Platform

This site has a complex & powerful image recognizing system that detects & highlights the user who is broadcasting any inappropriate content. Thus making the site a very friendly and appropriate platform to connect with people around the world to make stronger & healthier relations. 


3. LiveMe 

It is a social media live video chatting & broadcasting platform which is much more than a simple chatting or video calling platform. Here users can go for their own live broadcast streaming as well as can also watch streaming of other broadcasters on the LiveMe. It does not just end on streaming or watching broadcasts, you can also chat via text or make a video call with any of the users watching your broadcast streaming or streaming of any other broadcaster. The best part of this amazing social network is that you can use it on WebAndroid, or iOS .


This social network has an official application for android, and iOS as well as a LiveMe Web for desktop users. Similar to Chatroullete, this platform is also currency based and its currency is in-app coins. Users are rewarded with different amounts of coins for different sorts of activities performed on the site. Moreover, users can also make a purchase of coins from the in-app asset store. The price of 69 coins is 1.19 dollars only. In addition to coins, the in-app store also offers VIP Privileges to buy which contain some amazing features including an ID label, VIP badge, a Group chat box for group chatting, and many more. 


Features of LiveMe

Let's have look at some of the astonishing features of LiveMe that make it one of the best alternatives to Omegle and a top-notch socializing site to connect with people around the world. 

Luxury to Create Groups

In contrast to Omegle & its other alternatives, this app allows the users to create groups. A user can create a group based on a specific topic of interest, and the other users with similar interests can join the group to share their expertise, experiences & thoughts about the topic of interest in group chatting. The group creator can invite & add people to the group as well as can keep the group publically open so that people of interest could easily join the group. 

Live Video Calling & Chatting

LiveMe allows the users to enjoy a live chat with other users, users can invite their buddies to have fun on a video call and its multi-beam feature enables the users a group video calling among the multiple users. As many as 9 members can enjoy group video calling together with this multi-beam feature. 

Fun Filters and Expressive emojis & Stickers 

During your live broadcast streaming or video calling on LiveMe, you are allowed to try different video filters to make your video calling & video streaming of your broadcast more interesting & enjoyable. Moreover, there are a lot of expressive emojis and stickers that can be added to any part of the interface during your video calling or broadcasting and also can be used to express your feelings in private or group chat. 

4. Tinychat

This is another platform that claims to be the perfect alternative to Omegle and has plenty to prove itself a top socializing site as well as the best alternative to Omegle. It is an online platform that is connecting people around the globe with its services of online text, voice and video chatting. Similar to LiveMe, this platform also allows the users to enjoy its services on Web , Android, &  iOS. This is a very straightforward & simple platform where you just create a room about any particular topic of interest and start enjoying group chat with other users of similar interest in the group.


But one must have an account on Tinychat to create or join a room as the guests are not allowed to join or create any sort of room. To enhance participants on your Tinychat room, this site also allows the users to share their live chat rooms to other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. This site offers three tiers of membership with different sorts of features and priorities. These three membership tiers include entry-level, extreme, and gold tiers. 


Features of Tinychat

Find Other Tinychat Users Around You

With this feature, you can easily find the other users near you, who also use this site. You not just find them but also connect with them & chat with them. 

Virtual Asset Store

This asset store is to buy a membership, upgrade your membership, switch b/w different membership tiers, special gifts for your friends on this site, and plenty of other purchases. 


5. EmeraldChat

EmeraldChat is another alternative to Omegle having almost identical features to it. To kick start with EmeraldChat, firstly signup & set up your profile with a nickname & other basic information. This site pairs you with users of similar interests. Here you enjoy text chatting as well as video calling but for video calling, you have to pay real money. The Gold pack charging only 3.89 dollars, gives you access to video chatting, different filters, genres and much more. 

Emerald Omegle Alternative

Key Highlights

Here's a review of some key features of the site.

Constant Moderation

The site is constantly moderating to avoid unsavoury users & bots. Moreover, the users are restricted to defined regulations and or not allowed to step out of the defined line. 

Karma Points System

It is a negative point earning system but is very tricky & unfilled. As you initiate using the app, your karma points are zero. You can give or earn positive or negative points at the end of each chat. The more negative points you earn the more chances of removing restrictions by the moderator on your account. 


6. CamSurf

This is another title fitting in perfectly for an Omegle alternative. This site also offers its services for PC users on the Web, and official apps for Android & iOS. This site has a monthly subscription plan of 19.99 dollars which unlocks all the features of the app. You can use different filters including a gender filter to chat with users of your desired gender, a country filter to get chatters from a specific region or country, private chat rooms for enjoying personal conversations with special ones, reconnecting option to reconnect lost connections of a chat or video call, an option to boost followers by linking Your Insta account to this site and plenty of more premium & free services. 


Key Features

Fast & Quality Services

This site includes premium paid services and relies on fast & high-quality premium servers which allow the site to provide quick, easy and quality connection, video calling, chatting and other services to the users. 

Personalized Interactions

This site keeps the user's choice as its top priority and brings those people to his search & matchups that have the same interest and share a similar passion to the site. So don't forget to add things and topics of your interest to the site to get people with similar interests & passions. 


7. Shagle

Shagle is also an alternative to Omegle. It is a quick & instant way to connect with other users all over the world. Shagle allows to wander you anonymously via its text-only feature in which you can communicate with others via text chat and does not require you to turn on your camera for video chat if you are willing to stay anonymous. In addition to text chatting, different other features are also free to use with Shagle that are premium with other Omegle alternatives e.g. Gender filter, Country filter etc. 


If you wanna get more out of it, the paid services bring unlimited video chatting, an option to hide location, a reconnection option, a verified badge and much more for just 19.99 dollars per month. Shagle is only a Web-based service and does not have any official app. 

Highlights of Shagle

Share Gifts

Sharing gifts makes relationships stronger. If you have someone special or close to your heart, then send them exciting virtual gifts on Shagle that would help them a lot and make your relationship much stronger.  This site offers a huge amount of virtual gifts to share with others. 

Maximize Your Privacy With Private Chats

This site keeps users' privacy at top of its priorities and offers an end-to-end encrypted private chat to maximize users' privacy. 


Find People of Your Interest 

Go to " My Account Area " and put in your interests, which will help you to find people of similar interest whenever you search to connect with other users. 


8. ChatRandom 

This is the site to connect you with random people all across the globe irrespective of your country, or language. But the site does help the users with its tips to communicate & connect with strangers. This site also takes care of users' interests as it allows you to put in your name & topic of interest. It helps in finding people of interest as well as helps the user with which you are connecting to make a little idea about you & your interests. This site also put in its services for desktop users on Web and official apps for Android & iOS users respectively. In addition to free services & features,  the site also brings in some premium paid services & features. These premium services include a gender filter, verified badge and an option to hide your real-time location. 


Basic Features 

Easy User Interface 

This site offers a very catchy and easy-on-eyes interface. Its mix of colours makes it pleasant for use and less hazardous for the eyes. 

Fun Masks

Wanna stay anonymous even in your video calls, try plenty of masks with different designs and shades offered by the site. You can switch to as many masks as you want during a single video conversation. 


9. Meetzur 

Meetzur is an Omegle alternative and is a perfect platform for anonymity lovers. It is a text-based chatting platform and doesn't involve your camera to keep you anonymous on the site. This site does not ask the users for any sort of signup, login, registration or subscription all you need is to tap the Chat Now button to start an instant chat with strangers all over the world. 



Share Pictures & Emojis

The site is not just all about text chatting but also allows the users to share different pictures as well as emojis to enhance your chatting joy. 

No Need for Registration/Signup

This site does not ask you for any sort of personal information for registration or signup to kick start your anonymous chatting adventure on the site. 


The chatter's name is shown as a stranger to you, but you can also customize the chatter's name to set a nickname for your chatter. 

10. Y99

Similar to Meetzur, Y99 does not require any sort of registration. You just need to select a nickname and nothing else regarding personal information email, phone number etc. Y99 comes with chatrooms either to chat with a single user or with a group of users. This site allows text chatting, sharing photos, voice chatting and groups. you can create a group, give it a name and add people to the group. You can also join different groups of your interest to chat with people. 



Expand Your Chatting Experience 

This site does not limit users to text chatting only, rather it allows them to share their pictures, send expressive & funny emojis, and voice messages. This site also allows the users to make a call if both are willing to do it. 


Getting bored with the same old-fashioned text chatting, try the meme chatting room to express your words & feeling with a huge amount of memes offered by the meme hub of this site. 

11. Ablo 

It is social networking platform based on an app and does not have any sort of web service. The only way to get into the platform is its official app for Android

iOS . This app also works to connect users with random strangers around the globe. Its interface design is based on a map and users can explore any part of the map to find other Ablo users from that particular part of the world. Just tap the pink-coloured chat button to get started. You can chat in the traditional text chatting style or can go for voice chatting. As you press the pink button, the Ablo instantly finds a user to start to chat with you.


In contrast to the above-discussed sites & apps, Ablo saves your conversations with different random strangers so that you can resume the chat where you left off. Though the Ablo app offers a lot for free still there are some premium features to access like genre filter country filter, language filters etc. These filters and premium features are only unlocked by using in-app currency. You can buy in-app currency or earn it by watching ads. 0.99 dollars is what you have to pay for 100 in-app currency while you can also earn 5 by watching a short video commercial. 


Discover Option

This option allows you to discover different users streaming video chat, you can enter their video chat and can chat with them via text chatting by tapping a username with which you wanna chat. 



Sharing gifts is always beneficial for any sort of virtual or physical relationship. Impress your buddies & loved ones by giving them virtual gifts offered by this app. There is a huge variety of virtual gifts to purchase & share. 


Are Omegle & its alternative good to use for users under 18?

As these apps and sites are all about connecting with strangers and asking for turning on the camera for video calling, there is a high risk of leaking personal info and other privacy issues for kids and users younger than 18. So one must be over 18 & mature enough to communicate with strangers by keeping privacy at a safer end.

Where to find previous chat & chat history on Omegle or its alternatives?

except for Ablo, all the alternative & Omegle itself does not save your chatting and once you quiet a chat it's all over for you. It is because all these sites are focused on the anonymity of users. Only Ablo save the chats and you can find the previous chats in its chat box.

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